Boat Club Reviews and Testimonials

We take pride in maintaining an immaculate fleet of boats and providing top notch service to our Club Members. Below are reviews.

Internet access to scheduling is great, just pack your lunch and take off. Everything is taken care of for you!

It's always a pleasure to do business with the Stillwater Boat Club. Andy and Teresa are the reason we keep coming back!

Your priority for customer care and satisfaction is evident. As newer boaters - tried it for one year -now back for our third. An amazing quick getaway on this beautiful St Croix riverway.

We never once took out the dock -- Andy's kind training and the crew on the dock encouraged us "before" we went out and waited with smiles when we returned. Such sweet people. Oh, we loved the river. It was right here in town, waiting for us. We were total newbies, I should mention.

Another great experience with the boat club this summer. Andy and Steve should teach a course on customer service! They train the staff so well. They go out of their way to be helpful, respectful and courteous. If you are in trouble on the river they are always there to help. We sold our boat and that was a relief not to have the responsibility. The boats are always clean and ready. We seldom cannot get a boat when we want one. The 26 foot Sea Ray was a great addition. We highly recommend the Boat Club.

The staff at the dock are amazing! Very nice and helpful. I always feel like a VIP when I get on and off the boat.

A wonderful organization and exceptional crew. We will join again next year.

The Stillwater Boat Club is a wonderful way to entertain family and friends without the hassle of owning a boat. This was our first year as a member, we had many great times on the river. Thanks to Andy and the crew - your customer service is 1st class.

We had a great summer of boating. After 30 years of St Croix boating on our own boats and 3 years "off the river", we delighted in being back with the Stillwater Boat Club vessels & service.

Wow!! What a fantastic way to enjoy one of America's great rivers. The Stillwater Boat Club is an excellent value and the staff, boats and overall experience is five stars. Thanks for another great summer!

Hands down the most convenient and economical way to enjoy the St. Croix River in luxury boats! The staff have the boats ready with a smile and when you are done, hop off and drive covers, ropes, slips to deal with! Perfect if you have children. Andy & Teresa really stand by their goal of not being the biggest boat club but the best in service, convenience, and choice of top notch boats. Thanks for another great summer!

Staff is friendly, professional, accomodating and makes everyone feel welcome!

My wife and I really enjoyed being part of the Boat Club last year. The ease of use and way we were treated was really great. Thanks again.

Excellent Service, Excellent patience for a novice boater!

My family loves the boat club -- from late spring fishing to fall colors in early October, we feel like we get tremendous value for the money. I can't wait to get back on the river!

Thanks for a fabulous summer! We Love the Boat Club!

It's official - I joined the awesome boat club again!! Going to learn how to drive the big ones this summer:) The best deal ever!!! Beautiful boats, great people, trust me we owned a boat and this is a no brainer!! Teresa and Andy - the absolute best!!!

Just do it!

There is no doubt in our minds that if anyone ever thought of owning a boat that "The Boat Club" is the way to go! The conveniences of the club are numerous (boats are ready to go the moment you step on the dock, no hassles with closing up the boat at the end of a great day, no worries about maintenance/repairs/slip fees/winterization, etc.), not to mention that the St. Croix River has so much to offer for everyone. The Club was our family's summer vacation away from home.

When I take my two brothers, who both own their own boats, out on the river, they say "Now, this is the way to have a boat." Then I know the Boat Club is the right choice for me!

Andy runs a 1st class operation. A great feeling knowing we can be on the water having fun in 10 minutes and can be in our car going home with none of the hassles of ownership. We loved it!

Very good and friendly employees from gas dock workers to owners. Steve does a great job. Very pleased.

Andy and his staff could not be more friendly and accommodating! The Boat Club has changed the way we view boating - it has taken away all the stress and allowed us to simply enjoy the days on the St. Croix!

Love the Boat Club! Great time for family, friends to enjoy the St. Croix River. Nice to have all the boating options...skiing, tubing, fishing, sun bathing...and just hanging out with other boaters.

The boat club is not only a lot of fun, it also provides an opportunity for family time, fellowship and relaxation. The river is beautiful throughout the year, and makes for a great time. We really enjoy it!!

Andy, thanks for bringing the boat club to Stillwater! The "business model" is perfect for our family, and allows us to enjoy a variety of boats without the cost and hassles of boat ownership. We enjoyed our time on the river last summer, and plan to enjoy as boat club members many more summers. Thanks again!

Skeptical at first - Exceeded our expectations. Friendly, helpful, professional staff. Excellent facility and location. A variety of quality equipment with very good availability. We'll be back again next year!

Andy, Teresa and their crew could not be more gracious and accommodating. Stillwater Boat Club offers an exceptional experience that is both luxurious and affordable.

Andy and Teresa made us feel like part of their family - the boats, the family, the fun...the Boat Club is perfect for us!

We had deliberated for many years whether to get a boat or not, and if we did, what kind of boat? The Boat Club was the solution to both questions. We discovered we love being on the water but our lives are way too busy to actually own and take care of a boat, let alone haul it around, store it, and pay for a slip. Also, having access to different kind of boats made it possible to do everything we were looking for: fishing, tubing, and camping overnight on the river. The Boat Club is everything we love about boating with none of the hassle.

We LOVE the boat Club! It is the perfect way to enjoy boating - all the fun and none of the work or responsibilities! Plus, the flexibility of being able to take out different kinds of boats is great. Everyone on the boat club staff is wonderful - friendly and helpful. We can't wait for next summer!

We had a great time and will be back next year. Thank you!

Becoming a member has eliminated the hassles and expense of owning our own boat. Stillwater Boat Club offers a variety of beautiful boats including a cruiser, runabout, and pontoon. Their services our outstanding! You simply call to reserve a boat and they virtually take care of the rest. It is the most convenient and hassle-free way to spend your time on the St. Croix.

We were trying to decide what type of boat we would buy so we though we could try them out first. After being a member, we've decided why buy? This is so much better! My favorite part is at the end of the day of boating I get to simply leave with my guests.

The boat club brought us together as a family. Many memories created, good times and adventures shared by us and our kids, family and friends.