Tips and Tricks

Maximize your time with us. A little prep and planning with these easy tips and tricks will ensure the best day.

Where to Dock and Beach

Quiet Escape: Head north. Pull up to one of the sandy beaches, kick back and watch the eagles fly by. Renting midweek is a great option for those looking for a laid back experience. (Please note that when the river is low, we do not allow guests to boat north. The dock team will direct you upon arrival if that is the situation.)

High-Energy, People Watching: Head to sandy island(s) in the channel south of the railroad swing bridge in Hudson (locals refer to this as Beer Can Island). Boats of all shapes and sizes pull up to enjoy long weekends.

Staycation Vibe: Head South to Afton. The river widens just past the 94 bridge. Grab lunch at one of Afton’s riverside restaurants, easy docking can be found here for a small fee.

The DNR provides public porta potties up and down the river, including mile long island north of Stillwater.

What to Pack

If you forget anything to pack, our Ship Store has convenience items you can pick up on the day of your outing.

Paper Plates, Napkins and Cups

Easy Boating Food like Sandwiches, Chips, Fruit &/or Veggie trays, Cookies,

Water, Pop, Juice (Responsible wine and beer consumption is allowed.)


Bag for Garbage

Bug Spray

Hand Wipes

Hat and Sunglasses

Picnic Blanket

Beach Towels

Pool Noodles or Floats

Beach Towels

Beach Games