Frequently Asked Questions

Our Location & Directions

The Boat Club is located at the Stillwater Gas Dock at 422 East Mulberry Street in Downtown Stillwater.

Best route on weekends: Coming East on Hwy 36, take the Manning Avenue exit on the left. Follow Manning to the stop sign and take a right onto 12. 12 will turn into Myrtle Street and bring you to Main Street (Highway 95). Turn left onto Main Street and continue North on Main to Mulberry Street. Take a right onto Mulberry and park behind P.D. Pappy’s Bar and Grill. The Stillwater Gas Dock is the building on the water adjacent to P.D. Pappy’s Bar and Grill.

Arriving from the South: go through the 3 stoplights on Main Street (Highway 95) in downtown Stillwater. After the 3rd stoplight, go one more block further north to Mulberry Street. Take a right on Mulberry and go over the railroad tracks to the parking area behind P.D. Pappy’s. The Stillwater Gas Dock is the building on the water adjacent to P.D. Pappy’s Bar & Grill.
Arriving from the North: travel on Main Street (Highway 95) one (1) block past the Zephyr Dinner Train to Mulberry Street and take a left. Cross the railroad tracks and park behind P.D. Pappy’s Bar & Grill. The Stillwater Gas Dock is the building on the water adjacent to P.D. Pappy’s Bar and Grill.

How does it work?

You pay an annual fee once every year with no long-term contract. You can try boating for one season with us and decide that you want to buy your own boat the following summer. For some, the convenience can’t be beat and the Stillwater Boat Club works perfect for their lifestyle year after year. You decide!

How many members are allowed?

We have up to 7 regular memberships per boat. As the boat club membership grows so does the fleet of boats.

What kind of boats do you have?

For this year’s season, we will have several different styles of boats to choose from including three deluxe 27′ Sea Ray SDX’s with 300 HP Mercury motors, two 25′ Harris Tritoons with 200 HP Mercury motors, a 23′ Harris Tritoon with 250 HP Mercury motor, a 25′ Crest Classic Tritoon with 250 HP Yamaha motor, and a 25′ Crest Pontoon with 90 HP Honda motor.

Do we get to use more than one boat?

Yes! You can use any boat that is part of the regular boat club fleet. One day it’s a group outing with a spacious Crest Pontoon; the following weekend it’s a more intimate cruise with a Sea Ray powerboat.

How do the reservations work?

Each member is allowed 2 calendar dates reserved at one time up to 3 weeks in advance. The days are split between two shifts: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. On weekends, members are limited to one time shift between Saturday and Sunday. As soon as you use up one of your two reserved calendar dates, you can make another reservation. In addition to your two reserved dates, if a club boat is available you can do a “same day call-in reservation” that doesn’t count towards your two calendar days.

Reserving your time shift is easy; you can either call us or log onto our online boat club calendar.

Will I have trouble getting a weekend shift as a club member?

This is a common concern for new club members. We limit membership to 7 members per club boat and each member can reserve one time shift per weekend. This means that if we have 6 club boats with a maximum membership of 42 members, there are 24 shifts available in one weekend. There is no guarantee a weekend will not get booked up, but you will have the online calendar at your disposal 24 hours a day to check up to three weeks in advance for reserving a weekend shift.

Can I spend an evening overnight on a club boat?

Yes, you can reserve a boat overnight by booking two shifts (the evening shift starting at 4:00 p.m. and the next morning shift until 3:00 p.m.). This gives you 23 hours on the boat at one time! You can reserve overnight shifts on all days except Saturday evenings.

Are there any other costs with membership?

Yes, you pay for the gas you use; however, as a club member you’ll get ten cents off per gallon at the Stillwater Gas Dock. There is also a $1,000.00 deductible if there is any damage to the boats. We’ll take care of the rest!

What is the cost difference between ownership and Boat Club?

If you compare the cost of owning a new 27′ Sea Ray SDX with dockage on the St. Croix you will have the following expenses: boat payments, depreciation, cleaning service, regular service repairs/maintenance, storage, shrink-wrapping, insurance, boat accessories (dock lines, life jackets and other safety gear). The costs of all those expenses easily exceed our annual boat club fee. Plus, as a boat club member there are no long-term commitments compared to owning. No hassles of trying to sell your boat when your lifestyle changes. We make it easy with the Stillwater Boat Club!

Compare 1st Year Costs of Owning a 27′ Sea Ray SDX

Cost of Boat New – $150,000.00
Down Payment – 15% down $22,500.00
Balance $127,500.00 @ $4.5% for 15 years = $975.00/mo or $11,700.00/year $11,700.00
Sub-Total – Boat Cost Only 1st Year $34,200.00
Slip Fee $  3,500.00
Insurance $     800.00
Maintenance Fees (i.e. cleaning, storage, winterization, etc.) $  2,500.00
Supplies (dock lines, fenders, life jackets, etc.) $     350.00
1st Year Totals $41,350.00

What if I have no boating experience and am afraid of the river?

We will help you! When you join we will give you an orientation on the boat and go out with you on your maiden voyage. We’ll do our best to get rid of those “Boating Goose Bumps”. We’ll also give you resources of information to read so you can be more educated on the rules of boating.

Do you supply any sporting equipment for the club boats?

We supply water skis, wake boards and tubes for our club members. Also, we take care of all safety equipment (life jackets, throws, lines, anchors, etc…).

Is the boat club for you?

The Stillwater Boat Club doesn’t replace boat ownership for those that practically “live” for boating and would spend every sunny day on the river. It is for those that either can’t justify the cost of owning a luxury boat for how many times they actually use it or it’s not an affordable item in their budget to buy one. For some, it fits their busy lifestyle and the “Maintenance Free” aspect of club membership is perfect. Just show up and the boat is fueled, cleaned and ready to go.

What is your refund policy?

Refund Policy:

All refunds will be provided as credit, back to the original credit card used for paid deposits or as an e-gift card for future purchases with Stillwater Boat Club & Rentals, and cannot be redeemed for cash unless required by law.


Waitlist Deposits:

30 days or less: We’ll refund your full purchase price.

31-90 days – Step 1: We will issue an e-gift card for full purchase price redeemable only at Stillwater Boat Club & Rentals or Step 2: Refund purchase price less a $75.00 processing fee.

Over 90 days: No refund or credit will be issued.


Membership Deposits/Balances paid:

Membership deposits and/or paid balances are NON-REFUNDABLE upon being notified, by email, of acceptance of your membership to the Stillwater Boat Club.