Boat Club Reviews and Testimonials

We take pride in maintaining an immaculate fleet of boats and providing top notch service to our Boat Club Members. Below are a few boat club reviews we’ve received from our members.

Becoming a member has eliminated the hassles and expense of owning our own boat. Stillwater Boat Club offers a variety of beautiful boats including a cruiser, runabout, and pontoon. Their services...

Tom and Mary Bechthold

We were trying to decide what type of boat we would buy so we though we could try them out first. After being a member, we've decided why buy? This is so much better! My favorite part is at the...

Vicky Erickson

We had a great time and will be back next year. Thank you!

Tim Deis

The boat club brought us together as a family. Many memories created, good times and adventures shared by us and our kids, family and friends.

Wendy and Steve Nielsen

We LOVE the boat Club! It is the perfect way to enjoy boating - all the fun and none of the work or responsibilities! Plus, the flexibility of being able to take out different kinds of boats is...

The Slayton Family

We had deliberated for many years whether to get a boat or not, and if we did, what kind of boat? The Boat Club was the solution to both questions. We discovered we love being on the water but our...

The Link Family

Andy and Teresa made us feel like part of their family - the boats, the family, the fun...the Boat Club is perfect for us!

The Ledbetter Family

Andy, Teresa and their crew could not be more gracious and accommodating. Stillwater Boat Club offers an exceptional experience that is both luxurious and affordable.

Teri and George Nelson

Skeptical at first - Exceeded our expectations. Friendly, helpful, professional staff. Excellent facility and location. A variety of quality equipment with very good availability. We'll be back...

T & G Trooien

The boat club is not only a lot of fun, it also provides an opportunity for family time, fellowship and relaxation. The river is beautiful throughout the year, and makes for a great time. We...

Mike and Lynn Pien

Love the Boat Club! Great time for family, friends to enjoy the St. Croix River. Nice to have all the boating options...skiing, tubing, fishing, sun bathing...and just hanging out with other boaters.

Boat Club Member

Andy and his staff could not be more friendly and accommodating! The Boat Club has changed the way we view boating - it has taken away all the stress and allowed us to simply enjoy the days on the...

Mike and Kim Witte

Very good and friendly employees from gas dock workers to owners. Steve does a great job. Very pleased.

M & T Boomsa

Andy runs a 1st class operation. A great feeling knowing we can be on the water having fun in 10 minutes and can be in our car going home with none of the hassles of ownership. We loved it!

Mike and Gayle Wagner

When I take my two brothers, who both own their own boats, out on the river, they say "Now, this is the way to have a boat." Then I know the Boat Club is the right choice for me!

Lonny Stormo

There is no doubt in our minds that if anyone ever thought of owning a boat that "The Boat Club" is the way to go! The conveniences of the club are numerous (boats are ready to go the moment you...

Kim and Ben Gulli

Andy, thanks for bringing the boat club to Stillwater! The "business model" is perfect for our family, and allows us to enjoy a variety of boats without the cost and hassles of boat ownership. We...

Reid, Julie, TJ, Jake and Dani Miller